Product Detail

EC VFD 3010


  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • 2 x 20 characters
  • Supports 14 languages
  • Compatible with 6 command sets: ESC/POS, EMAX(AEDEX), UTC, ADM787/788, CD5220 and DSP800 (optional)
  • Innovative hinge design enables easy angle adjustment
  • Display adjustable range: 0-270° horizontally, 0-36° vertically

Drivers and Support


Customer Display

Display Area N/A
Number of PixelN/A
Font Size 5 x 7 Dots
Back-lightVacuum Fluorescent Blue-green
White luminance (Center) 700 cd/m²
Interface USB/ RS233
Command Set1. EPSON ESC/POS2. ADM787/7883. EMAX (AEDEX)4. UTC/S, UTC/P5. CD52206. DSP-800 (option)
Character TypeI.   96 alphanumeric charactersII.  14 sets of international characters: USA, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark I and II, Italy, Spain, Norway, Japan (Katakana), Slavonic, Russian and PortugueseIII. One set of user downloadable characters
Chassis ColorBlack


Power Supply DC 7V~36V
Power Consumption3~5W


Operation Temperature 5-45°C
Storage Temperature-20-70°C
Operation Humidity80% Max
Storage Humidity90% Max


MTBF 25,000 hrs


Head (W x D x H) 215x57x92 mm
Support (H x Ø) Long: 250 x 34 mm; Short: 117 x 34 mm
Base (W x D x H) 200x120x27 mm
Weight 0.8KGs
Rotation AngleVertical 0-36