Product Detail

EC Keyboard K104


  • Magstripe Keyboards
  • 104 Cherry MX keys based on Gold Crosspoint technology with tactile feel

Drivers and Support


Key Features

With 104 Cherry MX keys based on Gold Crosspoint technology, and have tactile feeling
Two different key actions (soft contact and keyclick)
Laser-engraved keycap symbols or high quality UV silk screen printed keycap symbols
Operating life cycle of individual keys:
  • Soft contact mode: 50 million strokes
  • Key click mode: 20 million strokes
Damaged keys can be easily replaced and hence save the replacement cost
With internal metal plate for key fixation, the protection against ESD is increased
Can be upgraded to programmable version


Comply with ISO 7812, IBM standards, American Driving License
Support programmable MSR setting for the header, tailor, separator, suffix and prefix, track sequence:
  • Track 1: 210BPI with max 76 characters
  • Track 2: 210BPI with max 107 characters or 75BPI with max 37 characters
  • Track 3: 210BPI with max 107 characters
Card swipe speed: 10 to 100 cm/s
500,000 swipe cycles
Available Configuration:
  • Dual Track: Track 1 & 2 or Track 2 & 3
  • Three Track: Track 1, 2 & 3
Support multi-country code settings
USB, PS/2 interfaces are avaliable

Technical Data

Power Power Supply:PS/2: +5V/DC +-10%; <100mAUSB: +5V/DC +-5%; <100mA
Environment Storage Temperature: -40C to +60C
Operating Temperature: 0C to +50C
Operating humidity: 20% to 90%
Mechanical Dimension: 470L x 190W x 45H (mm)
Weight (g): 1430
Total travel: 4 - 0.4mm
Pre-travel: 2 +- 0.6mm
Peak load before make: 60 +- 20cN