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Cash Drawer Technical Reference

EC Line provides no drivers for cash drawers that connect to printers. Please refer to the printer manufacturer for the correct cash drawer driver.

For OPOS-compliant applications, the user must configure and specify a device name for the cash drawer during installation.

Pin NumberFunction
1Frame GND
2Cash drawer kick-out drive signal
3Cas drawer open/closed signal
424v DC
5Cash Drawer kick-out drive signal
6Cash Drawer kick-out open/closed signal ground 1A/24V

Yes!, but you'll need to purchase a convertor with a serial RS232 interface or USB interface.

When a receipt is printed, the printer sends a signal to the cash drawer for it to open. If there's a problem, verify the lock is in the Electronic position (vertical position) instead of the horizontal, which locks the drawer.

Please verify that

  • The cable between the cash drawer and printer is connected properly and in good condition
  • The printer does send a signal.
  • The cash drawer receives the signal properly.

No, because although many cash drawers do use an RJ11 connector, which appears to be identical to a phone cable, the pin-out order is different. Furthermore, cables differ between printer manufacturers; you will need to make sure you purchase the correct cables for both your drawer and your printer.

  • Locked closed
    The cash drawer may not be opened by an electrical signal from the host device. Use this only when it is necessary to be away from the drawer for a short period.
  • Online (opens electronically)
    Normal operating orientation of the key when the drawer is driven by the host device
  • Locked open
    The cash drawer cannot be latched closed. Use this when your retail environment is closed and the contents of the cash drawer have been removed.

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