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  • Reserve enough space between the system and the wall.
  • Keep the product away from items that might block ventilation
  • Press the enter key and you should get a reply as follows:
  • Regularly clean the dust off of the fan and venting holes with a dry cloth or towel.

  1. Connect the power to the Secondary Display.
  2. Connect the VGA cable from the terminal to the secondary display.
  3. Install the VGA driver to the terminal.
  4. Start Windows and select the installed display as the secondary display.

  1. Go into BIOS mode by pressing the DEL key when the system is starting up.
  2. Select Advanced Chipset.
  3. Select panel type (panel 1=800x600, panel 2=1024x768).
  4. Press F10 to Save and exit.

  1. Download the ELO and E-Galaxy driver from the Download Page.
  2. Run the “setup” program.
  3. Realign the touch panel.
  4. When prompted, the EC-1553 touch panel is connected to COM6 and uses ELO driver.

The sound refers to memory not sitting properly or a bad memory module. Reseating the memory properly will solve the issue.

The Touch Panel is connected to COM6 for EC-1553. The ELO driver can also detect the COM port automatically.

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